“Wheel Easy comes to your home to complete auto service right in your driveway, leaving you with more time for the important things.”

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Mobile Auto Service App

Mobile Auto Service App

Instead of going to the repair shop and wasting hours of your time, a technician will swap your tires at your house!


  • Web Application
  • Next.js
  • Bookings & Appointments
  • Google Calendar
  • Location-based Booking
  • Responsive Web Design
  • Custom App Development
  • Google Address API
  • SSO (Single Sign-on)
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Checkout & Payments
  • Stripe

Project Background

Elevating the booking experience, we replaced our client's Wix website with a custom platform. Our tailored application ensures a seamless process for both customers and technicians, overcoming the limitations of the previous setup and highlighting our commitment to excellence in software development.

Phase two focused on optimizing fuel efficiency by grouping customers in similar locations. We seamlessly integrated a logistics solution into the platform, showcasing our adaptability in meeting specific business objectives.

The Challenge

Throughout our development process, we encountered and successfully navigated various challenges. The following highlights some key hurdles we overcame:


Allow multiple cars and services to be booked for each appointment.

Process payments for the bookings.

Send out emails and calendar invites when a booking is created.


Implement a technician calendar synced with Google Calendar for seamless availability management.

Add travel times in between bookings to ensure accurate arrival times.


Responsive design so it’s supported on devices of all sizes.

Clean and intuitive user interface for elderly customers.


Segment customers into zones, allowing booking creation only within the same zone if a prior booking exists.

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Key Implementations 01

User Authentication + Sign In with Google

To allow easy booking access and user retention, we implemented an authentication system that allows customers to sign up using their email or Google ID.

Bookings + Payment with Stripe

To streamline payment processing for bookings, we integrated Stripe Checkout into the platform, providing customers with a seamless experience through a straightforward credit card form, complemented by the convenience of Apple Pay.

Project Image 3

Key Implementations 02

Google Calendar API Integration

The platform's booking service seamlessly integrates with the Google Calendar API, ensuring the efficient blocking of technician availability as their calendar fills up. This automated synchronization guarantees real-time updates, enhancing scheduling accuracy and optimizing the overall booking experience.

Zone Restrictions + Google Address API

Our custom backend logic, integrated with the Google Address API, validates service locations and strategically groups customers in the same zone for efficient technician assignments, minimizing travel time and optimizing operations.

Automatic Email Sending

The platform incorporates automated email sending for both booking confirmation and 24-hour reminder notifications.

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Project Image 2

Key Implementations 03

Mobile Responsive Design

The platform works seamlessly for customers booking on the go on their mobile devices including their tablets. The platform is supported on both Google Chrome and Safari for maximum compatibility.

Add-ons + Order Summary

The platform seamlessly accommodates on-the-go bookings via mobile devices and tablets, ensuring compatibility with both Google Chrome and Safari browsers for a user-friendly experience.

Booking History + Easy Rescheduling

Customers can easily view and reschedule their bookings in just three clicks, providing a hassle-free and efficient experience.

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Provided Services


Use Case Development


UI/UX Design


Code Development






Iteration & Maintenance

Dennis Ho | CEO of Wheel Easy Inc.

I came to them with just a vision of what I wanted to create - their ability to understand and structure the project, clearly communicate the technical aspects, set and meet timelines, and continuously work on improving and polishing the product has been a dream scenario for a non-technical founder like myself.